S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_Frt_HR_v2_2_8bit S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_Frt_HR_v2_2_8bit
S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_3QL_HR_v6_8bit S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_3QL_HR_v6_8bit
S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_3QR_HR_v5_8bit S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_3QR_HR_v5_8bit
S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_Frt_HR_v2_2_8bit S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_Frt_HR_v2_2_8bit
S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_Profile_Left_HR_v3_8bit S4_Silver_Beige_14mm_Profile_Left_HR_v3_8bit

Pebble Time Round

Pebble Health–track your stepss
Always-on, color e-paper display
Quick-charging–just 15 minutes

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Meet the show stopper. Pebble Time Round is the smartwatch that’s just as beautiful as it is functional. You’ll never miss that call or text again, even when your phone is buried in your bag. With a classic round design, built-in microphone, and a slew of loved Pebble features, you’ll always be in the know without compromising style or fit. Did we mention it’s the lightest and thinnest smartwatch, ever?! Good. It’s pretty gorgeous, too.